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COVID-19 Service Update currently contracts with nine licensed dispensaries in five different countries. We are committed to ensuring we respect each jurisdiction's rules, regulations and safety warnings during this pandemic. These guidelines can change daily and the most current information will be available to you when you complete your order.

Shipping Times

All partner dispensaries are currently communicating a potential delay in transit times.

Overall, delivery times have normalized – however, circumstances can change as local government restrictions can come into effect with little or no notice. Our delivery guarantee has been restored to 30-days. This is subject to change at any time.

Shipping Destinations

We are slowly re-establishing services to non-USA customers. Please inquire.


There may be temporary shipping surcharges related to increase shipping fees resulting from reduced air freight availability. Please ask an agent if this will impact your order.

As we re-route orders to new shipping locations, there may be a difference in cost. Please be aware that we will likely be unable to match the prior price that was offered. You will be contacted if you are affected.

Processing Delays

As we observe the recommended Social Distancing guidelines in our Contact Center, hold times may be longer than normal. This may also lead to longer processing time for your order.

COVID-19 Treatments

Some products which have been reported as an off-label treatment for COVID-19 may require additional documentation from the prescribing physician before dispensing.

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