Aveo TSD
anti-snoring aid

Aveo TSD
Manufactured by aveoSleep - Product of New Zealand - Shipped from New Zealand

aveoTSD Description

The aveo Tongue Stabilizing Device is a simple, non-adjustable, non-invasive and inexpensive medical appliance. This convenient anti-snoring mouthpiece has been approved by the FDA in the U.S.A as a medical device and is one of the most effective anti-snoring treatments available

aveoTSD Directions

See the detailed aveoTSD user instructions in the package.

aveoTSD Cautions

aveoTSD Side Effects

No moderate or serious side effects have been reported during the development years, or with more than 5000 recent users as at May 2006. Most of the minor side effects reported are of a temporary nature, and occur only during initial usage. During initial usage, should discomfort or other perceived side effects occur, stop using the aveoTSD until the cause is established. Either seek medical attention or review practice steps to correctly fitting the device.

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